MACP Gives Thanks and celebrates #SmallBizSaturday

As a small business and a member of @LocalFirstAZ , we support many small businesses in our Phoenix community. Here's what MACP Members shared as their favorite local spots and what they are thankful for this year.

Monica: My favorite food places are Vovomeena & Phoenix Public Market Cafe. I absolutely love the Neuromuscular Studios. They keep my physical health in line so I can play all day - everyday. I'm thankful for the wonderful musical and educational community that I'm apart of. It's so amazing to be apart of several organizations that support me through my growth as a musician, teacher, and human. 

Erin second's Phoenix Public Market! She also loves shopping at My Poor Little Rich Girl and is thankful for my health and looking forward to spending a lot of time hiking with my dog and husband. 

Katie: This year I'm thankful to spend my days doing what I love. From working with children and families at the Musical Instrument Museum to playing concerts with MACP, I get to spend my days making and sharing music with enthusiastic audiences. Phoenix has great food! Because I live in Coronado, I enjoy the restaurants up and down 7th Street. El Chullo is my current favorite. I did field research in Cusco, Peru a few years ago and El Chullo transports me back to my favorite Peruvian places through their food. 

Nik: I'm thankful for all the opportunities that have been given to me to have a great career and life...and my dog Daisy!

Rose: I'm thankful to have discover ceramics this past year! It's challenging learning a new craft and it continues to help me be a better teacher and artist. I'm also grateful to have had my dad visit from Pennsylvania to spend time with our family for the holiday weekend. I'll third PHX Public Market, and we often eat at @TheCleverKoi, both withing biking distance of home!

The Mill Ave Chamber Players is thankful for everyone who has support our endeavors and attended our concerts! Our next series begins begins the first week of February with Kenny Miller for our "Winter Songs" concerts, we hope you have a wonderful holiday season!