Mill Ave Chamber Players to Premiere STOGIKK by Robert V. Springer

The Mill Ave Chamber Players closes its ninth season with a world-premiere by Robert V. Springer.

Robert V. Springer is an American composer whose works include orchestral, chamber, ballet, and vocal compositions. Drawing upon personal experiences, local communities, and natural surroundings, his music depicts enduring and shared
human concepts. Robert’s style has been described as “prominently rhythmic” and “visually conjuring.”

Integral to his process is collaborating with musicians, singers, dancers, writers, and artists; both locally and abroad. His music has been and continues to be commissioned by individual patrons, schools, and professional ensembles. Robert currently spends the majority of his time in Arizona and New York.


This piece was composed from September 2015 - February 2016. The title comes from the Norwegian words “Støy” (noise) and “Logikk” (logic). I consider composition an act of making sound logical, so much so my ears will hear melodies in the white noise of running water or in a breeze winding through a forest. This piece represents the emotional landscape I often travel when creating music.

Rose French