Photo Credit: Chanelle Sinclair,

Photo Credit: Chanelle Sinclair,

Chef’s Choice: /SHef CHois/: noun

1. a range of possibilities from which one or more may be selected

2. a chance for each member of MACP to program their own concert



October 7 - Monica Anthony: Female Innovators

3 PM at The Newton 

Valerie Coleman: Concerto for Wind Quintet 

Amy Beach: Theme and Variations for Flute and String Quartet

Shulamit Ran: East Wind for Solo Flute

Hildegard von Bingen (arr. Monica Sauer Anthony): O vis eternitais

Meredith Monk (arr. Monica Sauer Anthony): Facing North: Hocket



November 4 - Tom Breadon: 20th Century Serenades

3 PM at The Newton

Exploring the use of serenade form in chamber music through three composers of the 20th century.

Alfredo Cassella: Serenata

Carl Nielsen: Serenata in vano

Ferenc Farkas: Serenade




February 3 - Nikolaus Flickinger: CLASSIC

3 PM at The Newton

We will explore some of the pieces written in the  Baroque (1600-1750) and Classical (1750-1820) time periods.  

L.V. Beethoven: Quintet

W.A. Mozart: Quartet for Oboe and Strings

G.P. Telemann: Quartet for Flute, Oboe Bassoon and Cello

J.S. Bach: Quartet for Oboe and strings 



March 3 - Katie Palmer: The Carribean Clarinet

3 PM at The Newton

Paquito D’Rivera: Aires Tropicales

Jorge Montilla’s: "Four for Four"

Selection of Venezuelan joropos with guitar, bass, and maracas.


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April 6 - Rose French: The Britten Serenade

7:30 PM at Central United Methodist Church

Britten: Serenade for Tenor, Horn and Strings with Kenny Miller

Thomas Breadon: Impressions






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