Mill Ave Chamber Players Launches Second Indiegogo Campaign

The Mill Ave Chamber Players met John Steinmetz while giving the premiere of his commissioned dectet "Three Pieces for Ten Winds" in 2014 with the Pacific Arts Woodwind Quintet at the University of the Pacific.  Over the past two seasons we have performed Mr. Steinmetz's Quintet and continue to explore his compositions chamber music.

We will be recording a full album of John Steinmetz's work including:

Quintet (1984)

Three Pieces for Ten Winds (2013)

Fits and Starts (2004) 

This CD will include members of the Mill Ave Chamber Players: Monica Sauer Anthony (flute), Nikolaus Flickinger (oboe), Erin Finkelstein (clarinet), Thomas Breadon (bassoon), and Rose French (horn) and the Pacific Arts Woodwind Quintet, whom are artists-in-residence at the University of the Pacific.

What makes this recording project unique is that John Steinmetz will be producing the recording for us!

Mr. Steinmetz will join us in Phoenix for rehearsals and our recording from June 9-12. To have Mr. Steinmetz's input and musical direction for his compositions will make this recording a definitive recording of these works.

The support of our audience in Phoenix and beyond mean the world to us.

We want to celebrate our second CD with inviting everyone that contributes to this project to attend our CD release concert on August 14th in central Phoenix for free.  Additionally, we will have house concert and party June 10th in the Phoenix area with John Steinmetz and members of the Pacific Arts Woodwind Quintet and season tickets as part of our perks.

What We Need

We need to raise $5,000 to cover the cost of this project. As individual members of the ensemble, we are each contributing to the success of the CD, and hoping that this campaign will help us fund the remainder of the project.

The Breakdown:




Producing the Recording

CD Production and Distribution

What makes this campaign unique?

First, we'll have John Steinmetz producing the recording with us, shaping our recording to reflect his intentions when composed these works. It's been an incredible experience already!

Second, this will be our second Indiegogo Campaign! We had a successful campaign in 2014 for our first CD, raising over $2,000 for our recording and fulfilling all of our campaign perks before our deadline. (Here's a shot from our first CD release concert, Phoenix, 2014).

Lastly, we're dedicated to our community. As a member of Local First Arizona, we are hiring local artists to create record and master our CD and to create all of our artwork.

Risks & Challenges

While trying to raise twice as much as our last campaign, we are confident that we will be successful due to the growth of our audience and supporters since our first campaign.

    Other Ways You Can Help

    We'd love to have you support your campaign, but we also can use help getting the word out about this unique project!

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