MACP Members pick their "favorite things" for a little competition...

We're thrilled that we've raised over $1,000 in our first five days for our upcoming recording project with John Steinmetz. Now it's time for some friendly competition to help us reach our goal and we need your help!

Each member of MACP has selected a "favorite thing" (remember Oprah's epic giveaways?!). If you donate on a specific day, you'll be entered for a drawing of that member's favorite thing. And what does the winning MACP member get?? A car wash by the rest of August. Even John is joining us on the fun and games.


Erin – May 23-24 - Acupressure Matt and Neck Pillow

Nik – May 25-26 - Oil Diffuser

Tom – May 27-29 - Practice Your Putting...Anywhere

Monica – May 30-31 - Coffee and Chocolate

Rose – June 1-2 - Retro Scrabble

John – 3-6 - Lip Lube!

To donate, click here and watch your inbox for the winners!

Rose French