Artist's Statement for Female Innovators


This Sunday we will premiere a new painting by Phoenix artist Tiffany Holman and Andrea Avery will be reading an excerpt from her moving book, Sonata: A Memoir of Pain and the Piano.

Artist Statement from Tiffany Holman
As an artist, I derive most of my inspiration from nature and the living creatures that inhabit this lovely planet. Because of its relatability, the human form is one of the most interesting subjects for me. In many occasions, I am faced with the controversy of what should and shouldn’t be censored because of my subjects. When I am questioned if a work is family friendly, I deliberate on the fact that up until early toddler ages it would be, but soon after we learn to speak the world slowly becomes censored (so yes, it is for children under the age of four). Often we teach humans to fear the human body like we teach someone not to look at the sun, as if the consequence is that it will burn holes straight though your eyes and into your brain. Humans come into this world nourished by the flesh and beauty of nature and form. Soon after we are taught that it’s not proper to speak of or look at certain parts of ourselves. In my eyes those parts of the human body are vital for survival, consequently beautiful, and therefore should not be avoided. 
The female form has, for many centuries, been surrounded by controversy. She is a stem for life, smothered by controlling forces. Whether it’s for her mind, body, or soul there has always been someone in her life telling her she doesn't smile enough, dictating how she should look, or manipulating how she should act. Forces pushing her to be ambitious, but not too ambitious, pretty but not overtly pretty, nice but not too nice...The winds of society’s social norms from the East and West whip from each direction whistling words of who she should be. Despite what others think, she remains grounded. From each breath she expels her true nature --- a form of matter, an outright force of energy.

Join us this Sunday, October 7 at 3PM at Changing Hands (300 W Camelback Road)

Tickets available through our website ($15/$10) or at Changing Hands ($20/$15).

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