Chef's Choice: Serenades

The Mill Ave Chamber Players' eleventh season is entitled "Chef's Choice." Much like a chef chooses his favorite ingredients, this season members of MACP get to choose their own program to create a concert experience that reflects their own musical tastes.

Join us Sunday, November 4 at 3PM at the Newton (300 W. Camelback Road).

Tom selected four serenades from composers of different countries, times, and sensibilities. A look at the varying uses of the “Serenade” form/genre throughout musical history.

Serenade for Wind Quintet
Ferenc Farkas (1905 – 2000) - Hungarian composer
The first movement (in sonata form) is followed by an “Andante espressivo”. Here a pleasant oboe melody soars above the clarinet accompaniment. In the third movement, the “Saltarello”, I have made use of a rhythm I am particularly fond of: 9/8 quasi “tarantella”. At a particular moment a very high and virtuoso horn solo can be heard.

“Standchen” No. 4 of Schwanengesang, D 957
Franz Schubert (1797 - 1828) Austrian Composer

With Kenny Miller, Tenor

Serenata in vano (Serenade in vain)
Carl Nielson (1865 – 1931) Danish Composer
"Serenata in vano is a humorous trifle," Nielsen wrote. "First the gentlemen play in a somewhat chivalric and showy manner to lure the fair one out onto the balcony, but she does not appear. Then they play in a slightly languorous strain (Poco adagio), but that hasn't any effect either. Since they have played in vain (in vano), they don't care a straw and shuffle off home to the strains of the little final march, which they play for their own amusement."

Alfredo Cassella (1883 –1947) Italian Composer
A “neo-classical” work using modern harmonies and melodic sensibilities in common forms from the baroque and classical period.

We have a mead and a beer pairing for this Sunday's concert thanks to First Draft Book Bar and The Newton!

The beer flight is $13:
First Draft Butterbeer, a butterscotch wheat ale
Dogfish Head Punkin Ale
Dogfish Head Liquid Truth Serum, IPA of IPAs
Crush Craft, Chai Not, a chai spiced cider

The mead flight is $13 and would include
Honeymoon, tahitian vanilla mead
Safe Word, bourbon barrel aged mead
Marion, marion berry mead
Hera Orchard, stone fruit mead

Tickets available on our website and at the Newton.

Rose French