Our Favorite Things...

As you know, we've launched our third Indiegogo campaign for our third album and while it's been going great, we always love to have a bit of friendly competition! Each member of MACP has picked out their favorite thing (oddly, mostly food related!) and if you donate to our campaign on their day, you will be entered to win their favorite thing.

So, here's the days and the "things"...

May 23-24 Nik - The best snack in the world. Takis.

May 29-30 Tom - Chocolate. Boom. 


May 31-June 1 Rose - Modern Art in Puzzle form by Laura Owens. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 10.56.53 AM.png

June 2-3 Katie - The best gummy bears this side of the Atlantic. All 12 flavors of Sprouts gummy bears.

June 4-5 Monica -  My favorite thing...The incomparable effervescence of Topo Chico. The signature mineral water of the Sauer Anthony Household.


And what does the member of MACP get for raising the most funds on their two days? A carwash by the rest of us (though we still owe Nik his from last time!)

Check out our campaign: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/mill-ave-chamber-players-third-album/x/7549164#/

Rose French