Meet The Composers

As we enter the week of recording our album, we wanted to introduce you to the five amazing individuals we have worked with throughout this year to make this recording come to life. 

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Tom Breadon, Jr. 

Thomas Mark Breadon, Jr. is a teacher, bassoonist, and composer living in Phoenix, Arizona, and the newest member of the Mill Ave Chamber Players. Check out his setting of Mill Ave Chamber Players, Aesop's Fables, on our Youtube Channel and learn more about Tom from our website.

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Jessica Meyer

 With playing that is “fierce and lyrical” and works that are “other-worldly” (The Strad) and “evocative” (New York Times), Jessica Meyer is a versatile composer and violist whose passionate musicianship radiates accessibility, generosity, and emotional clarity. As a soloist and member of the award-winning and critically-acclaimed contemporary music collective counter)induction, Jessica has premiered pieces for solo viola internationally – expanding the repertoire for viola by championing new works while also composing her own.

Robert V. Springer

Robert V. Springer is a composer whose works include orchestral, chamber, ballet, and vocal compositions. Drawing upon personal experiences, local communities, and natural surroundings, his music depicts enduring and shared human concepts. Robert’s style has been described as “prominently rhythmic” and “visually conjuring.”


John Steinmetz

"I suppose what drew me into music was its effect on me, as well as the fun of riding music's changing energies with other people. I kept tinkering with both performing and composing, trying out different styles, different formats, different roles, different attitudes, different jobs."



Kerry Turner

"My goal is to paint a musical picture, thought, impression as clearly as possible and then communicate it to the listener and the performer, that it might appear in their minds as vividly as if it were on a large movie screen." 

Rose French